We adopt the principle of ‘customer satisfaction’, which is the most important factor for us, and act in this direction. With this principle, we always keep our ties with our customers strong and alive, and we produce rational and innovative solutions to increase our customers’ earnings and our own earnings. We constantly invest in technology and adopt the idea of ​​producing the right product in every field, with our experienced staff and state-of-the-art machinery.


  • To provide uninterrupted service with the most appropriate cost, stock strength and delivery speed without giving up on the principle of “customer satisfaction”.
  • To follow the innovations and technologies of the sector with the work of our R&D department at all times.
  • Offering the best price to the customer with the best planning and the best assurance.
  • To cover and maintain national and international quality standards.


  • To provide logistic support and confidence in product shipment.
  • Continuing to invest in technology in production.
  • To provide added value to the sector in every field and sense.
  • To become a well-known brand nationally and internationally.
  Communication Information

Address: Karlıtepe Neighbourhood, Stad Street, No: 27 Kartal/Istanbul
Telephone: +90 532 375 10 70
E – Mail: bilgi@bestperde.com 

  Our Working Hours

Weekdays: 7/24
Weekend: 7/24

Address of Quality and Satisfaction;

We offer you modernity and aesthetics with the latest technology curtains.


With the experience of being in the curtain sector for years, we offer you the best service.


We make quality our sine qua non at every point of our work and we work in this direction.


We offer you a high level of satisfaction with our principle of quality and designing the best products.

7/24 Support

Together with our professional team, we offer you the best quality service and strive for your satisfaction.