Zip Curtain

Zip Curtain Systems

Vertical Zip Curtain

Vertical zip curtain is one of the motorized curtain systems, also called zippered curtains. It appears as an alternative to roller blinds adjusted for outdoors. It is a system equipped with fabrics with quality standards as in roller blinds. Due to its quality fabric, it is resistant and durable to adverse weather conditions such as wind, snow and rain. It is a useful and effortless product. There are different models of zip curtains used outdoors. Zip curtain adds elegance to the places where it is used.

Ceiling Zip Curtain

We can make suitable production on the ceiling or skylight of all your desired spaces. We are at your service with our ceiling zip curtains that are resistant to all external factors such as sunlight, snow, rain and storm. We have products suitable for ceilings of restaurants, shopping malls, cafes, villas, apartments and conservatories. Our ceiling zip curtain models provide a practical and fast usage experience thanks to its high quality motor control mechanism. It is easy to install. It is easy to clean and does not hold dirt.
We act with quality materials and careful workmanship in the ceiling zip curtain systems that we manufacture.